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The Best Printing Solution for Corrugated Boxes and Kraft Bags!

Iconotech was founded in 1992 by the new owners of a duplicator and mimeograph supplies company in Chicago.

Previously employed by a U.S. based packaging company in the early days of large character ink jet printing, their vision was to grow a new business in the packaging market for case marking and coding.

The relentless pursuit of a digital printing technology that is significantly more durable and less expensive than printing plates, ink jet, preprints and other printing methods resulted in the Iconotech systems that we have today.

In 1994, Iconotech sold its first printers, designed for RSC cases, to major tobacco and food producers. Many of those early machines are still operating today, a testament to the quality of the design and utility of the process. Since then, the product line has expanded with an array of feeding mechanisms and automation for die cuts, blanks, other style boxes and multi-wall, kraft gusset and valve bags.

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