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Our entry level machine, the Optimizer-HF offers superior economy and flexibility for handling low to medium daily print runs of flat RSC cases, die cuts and kraft multi-wall bags.  This hand-fed unit comes equipped with the same rugged print module as the other Iconotech printers and will provide years of high-quality service. Material handling is made more efficient and throughput increased with the addition of an automated re-stacker and return conveyor. Maximum productivity is achieved by integrating a KR feeding system.  The combination of an indexing conveyor moving stacks of print media to a vacuum feed system with the printer, re-stacker and return conveyor provides throughput up to 45 pieces per minute.  Automated feeding generally becomes desirable when print needs exceed 3,000 per shift. The Optimizer-HF allows users to start with the printer and add automated feeding and exit material handling at any time to meet your increased production needs as your business grows.

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