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The Most Cost-Effective, Versatile and Environmentally Friendly Way to Print on Knockdown Cardboard Boxes and Kraft Bags.

Eliminate the significant cost of labels, printing plates, ink-jet maintenance, and pre-print with a digital, plate-less, case printing system.

Produce superior print quality on uncoated corrugated, including single sheet and RSC cases, along with multi-wall kraft bags, while reducing printing and inventory costs.

Economical printing:

Our plate-less digital printing products and supplies enable you to print your own uncoated corrugated flat boxes and kraft bags in house at a fraction of the cost of ordering pre-printed stock

Durable and low maintenance printing:

Equipment put in service in 1992 is still running today with very minimal maintenance

Agile printing:

Meet changing market demands with the flexibility to change print content on the fly. No more waiting for print-plates or storing stacks of unused packaging

Environmentally friendly printing:

Not only are water-based ink and supplies all food-grade and environmentally friendly, but you also have the benefit of reduced waste by printing only what you need.

Iconotech solves your marking and coding needs with one fast, flexible, and easy to use in-house solution.

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